Terlingua House
at Big Bend National Park
Comfortable & unique vacation rental home located in the heart of the desert mountain country of West Texas, between Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park - just a few miles North of the Rio Grande. River rafting, canoe trips, hiking vacations, bicycle trips, new golf course, nature photography, remote desert waterfalls, astronomy viewing, everything for a great outdoor adventure.

Lubbock Guest House
Lubbock, Texas
A conveniently located, home-away-from-home for Texas Tech and Lubbock Christian University parents or business travelers. The building offers three spacious bedrooms with comfortable kitchen and dining areas furnished and accented to give that cozy Texas home feel. With grilling space out back and washing and cooking facilities inside, it's the perfect place for small groups to ensure that their Lubbock experience stays relaxing and feels like being over at a friend's.

Highland Vallis
Beautiful 9000 acre ranch located within the Front Range of Colorado, west of Colorado Springs.

Ruidoso Creekside Cabin
Ruidoso, New Mexico
Ruidoso cabin and vacation rental home conveniently located between the ski slopes, the casinos and the horse race track. Ski New Mexico, horseback riding, wildlife viewing, golf courses, and Native American art – a family adventure vacation for everyone.

Magnet Geochemical
Comprehensive water, soil and rock testing for a wide range of constituents and information.

Advanced Mud Log Evaluation Training
Class covers factors affecting Mud Log readings to better assist interpretation.